Based on the fact that we manage all resources, we believe that our strongest capital is our human resources in today's difficult competition conditions. Our human resources are a guarantee of the growth, development and expansion of our company, as well as our physical and financial capital.

Our Human Resources policy is based on KTM values and adhering to our values, our Human Resources policy is guided by the following elements.



          As per our expectation, a KTM employee;

  •  Solves, plans and implements,
  •  is open to change and considers continuous development as a goal,
  •  is result oriented,
  •  believes in team work,
  •  has a high potential,
  •  Has a proactive spirit,
  •  is open to communication, is friendly and committed to the company

When investing in our employees, we believe that their individual and professional development will ultimately become an asset. We act with the awareness that the improvement and development of the ergonomic conditions in the work environment along with the application of all safety measures in the workplaces are our basic human responsibility. We support and finance all applications and investments required by work safety, especially in our departments and facilities that have a high risk of work. We expect our management team to conduct strategic leadership and manage their departments and employees based on targets. Regarding operational leadership, we ask managers to consider the responsibility of training and improving their subordinates as part of their work.   

Our company, which provides representation, distribution and international trade in petroleum and petroleum derivatives, petrochemicals, polymers and      industrial chemicals and celebrates its 20th anniversary in February 2019, has implemented a project lasting 6 months in terms organizational development and IK Processes working with a reputable global consultancy company, reflecting a major transformation in HR Practices.

Regarding the upcoming 5 years plan, our company targets a sustainable growth in the local market while aiming to pursue aggressive growth strategies in the global arena. The investments in HR field is also aligned with this strategy.

In 2018 our Singapore office is added to our international structure where our Switzerland Office had been established back in 2015. Our efforts to expand our overseas team will accelerate. 

Our Human Resources Practices are planned in order to increase the efficiency of human resources based on talent management practices, and in the direction of the studies carried out in order to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction, and are applied in the organization regardless of any division or position.