• 1942


    Hacı Zülfikar Zülfikari, started import and distribution of coffee and petrochemical products in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 1969


    Once the two sons of Hacı Zülfikar finished their education and started working for the family company, Haci Zulfikar set up Haci Zulfikar’s Sons Company and gave equal shares to each son.

  • 1981


    Kazım Zülfikari and his elder brother managed to make the company active in petrochemicals distribution all around Turkey within a short time frame. With the growth of the revenues and volumes of the company, two brothers set up Zülfikarlar Kimyevi Maddeler A.S.

  • 1986


    A shore tank oil storage facility was bought from Mobil Oil Company in Turkey. Besides oil products, permission to store petrochemicals were also obtained.

  • 1990


    First investment in financial sector was with the establishment of Akdeniz Securities A.S. Being one of the oldest and most established brokerage companies in Turkey, Akdeniz Securities has serviced its clients with a wide range of financial products for investing in Turkish Financial Markets.

  • 1993


    Second investment in financial sector was with the establishment of Akdeniz Factoring A.S.

  • 1994


    With the establishment of Turkuaz Petroleum A.S., a new line of business, oil products distribution within Turkey, started.

  • 1998


    Kazım Zülfikari sold his shares in all companies except Akdeniz Securities, to his elder brother.

  • 1999


    Kazım Zülfikari set up KTM Chemicals A.S. together with his two sons, Keyan and Kerem Zülfikari, for the distribution and trading of petrochemicals within Turkey.

  • 2000


    Within a very short time frame, KTM signed distributorship and agencyship agrements with many multinational petrochemicals producers for Turkish market.

  • 2000


    A bulk storage tank terminal and bonded warehouse for dry goods was built in Gebze, Dilovasi.

  • 2003


    After Dilovası, warehouses in Izmir, Mersin, Antep started operations.

  • 2004


    Kazım Zülfikari, sold all his shares to his two sons and retired.

  • 2005


    KTM started sales of petrochemicals to Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS Countries and Middle East.

  • 2007


    KTM Polimer A.S. was established to service Turkish plastics producers’ needs of raw material, logistics and finance.

  • 2010


    KTM started trading of oil and oil products.

  • 2015


    KTM S.A. was established in Switzerland for developing oil trading activities and increasing petrochemical trading & distribution activities in Europe.

  • 2016


    Zulfikari Holding A.S. was established to invest in different lines of businesses as well as exploring opportunities globally.

    Zülfikari Holding and KTM, will continue their growth by strategic partnerships and/or acquisitons.

    We would like to thank all of our valued employees, customers, service providers, suppliers, and other stakeholders for supporting us during our healthy and consistent growth.